Recover Deleted Text Messages

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There's a lot of reasons people might have to recover deleted text messages from an iPhone (or basically any mobile phone). You might have deleted something by mistake or out of anger, your phone might have committed suicide (just what DID you subject it to?) and performed a factory reset. You might be looking for deleted messages on a partner or spouses phone. Or, and a common one these days, is searching your kids phones to see what they're hiding.

Kids are used to technology. We might have adopted our computer savvy but they we're born in it. If they want to hide something from you on their phone they know just how to do it. Even if we force them to disable the password and hand over their phone, chances are they've deleted anything they don't want us to see. If they really plan it through they might even leave it signed into dummy accounts.

And to most of us that's pretty much the end of it. The phone becomes a mysterious black box they'll titter away to. Who knows who they're talking with and what they're doing?

Well the truth is, you can.

While your children are comfortable with what their phones can, and can't, do they don't really think about what's going on behind the scenes of the phone. They don't know you can recover deleted text messages... Or pretty much any deleted data on the phone for that matter.

The phones designers and coders don't really consider what your children are tying to hide from you. They think about how quickly their phone is able to run so they do what they can to make it fast and as easy on the battery life as possible. To do this, when a text message is deleted it's actually still on the phone. I'm using a text message as an example here but it's basically any data on the phone (including photos).

If their phone was properly deleting everything it would take longer to run. So the handset takes a shortcut and just kind of hides it away from the SMS app pretending it's gone and allowing the data to be overwritten later. It won't stay there forever, eventually the old messages are overwritten but on a phone like an iPhone messages can stick around for a while.

So while they think they're getting away with it by hitting the delete button, if you know what you're doing you can find the deleted text messages on their phone. Heck you don't even need to know what you're doing if you have software to do it for you.

Plug the phone in for a few minutes and the software can pull up everything they might have deleted. You don't even need to be any good at computers yourself.  You can restore the messages back to their phone as a warning or save them to the computer.

If you want to do that we suggest the recover deleted text messages tool from TextRar. Not only can you retrieve deleted data with a click of a button but they also give you the option of spying on someone else's phone remotely if you want to take it one step further.